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To help make your Ad Copy look the way you want it to on all those PCs, Macs, web browsers, iPhones, iPads and Android devices out there, here are a few quick tips:

    • Take your time.  Make each change carefully before moving on to the next.  "Undo" is your friend here!
    • Copy and paste text in complete blocks.  For example, avoid copying just some of the elements of a bullet list. Instead, copy the whole list and then delete the ones you don't want
    • Be cautious about pasting text into the middle of other blocks of text, especially bullet and numbered lists
    • Consider pasting tricky bits as plain text.  To do this, select "Paste as text" from the drop-down "Edit" menu
  • And you can always try to "clear formatting"after pasting.  Highlight the text and then click the Clear formatting button.

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Print-friendly Job Ad with web address and scannable QRCode